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Collection Facade

Powder-base 3d printing


Project Team :


Hsin Li

Firas Safieddine

Jessica Dias




Alex Dubor

Martin Seymour



On a micro scale, the wall is composed of an interlocking iterated component designed as open at the center and has the ability to be assembled with four other components.

On a larger scale, the wall [ this component ] is divided into five parts which again interlock in the same component assembly logic. Adapting to the climatic conditions, the wall enhances ventilation and water collection through the pores in each component. The water slides on the curved surfaces of the component and flows in. The bent in the surface allows more surface area of contact, as well as possible moisture collection in a more humid climate


Structurally, the components are interlocking and shifting to the interior as the vaulted shape starts to get narrower, which makes the whole form get stronger as compression forces increase.

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