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Encrypted Nomadism Studio

Project Team:

Firas Safieddine

Michel Azzi

Javier Fernandez Ponce


Pablo Ros

Marco Ingrassia


IaaC Blog 

Study zone: from Alvalik (Turkey) to Lesbos (Greece), People start gathering to cross the 25 km route. Crossing sequence using a processing “Ant type” behaviour, in which we set the migrants' destination points all over the Greek shore line, allowing the migrants( white agents) to start joining together to form the crossing path with the help of GPS data analysis to locate the Aggregation points



In the deadliest part of the Mediterranean;  





“Increasing numbers of refugees and migrants take their chances aboard unseaworthy boats in a desperate bid to reach europe.The vast majority of those attempting this dangerous crossing are in need of international protection, fleeing wars, violence and persecution in their country of origin. Every year these movements continue to exact a devastating toll of human life” 


UNHCR, The UN Refugee agency  

These are becoming familiar headlines on a daily basis.People are suffering and drowning trying to cross to Europe via the Aegean sea. 400 deaths just in the past months. Demographics, based on arrivals since January 1st, 2015, show that 19% are women, 50% are men and 31% are children.

QUESTION:  How to transform the water unsafe route into a safe responsive territory ?

We focus our proposal in creating a temporary platform between Turkey and Greece ensuring a dry, safe crossing, that disolves as soon as the operation ends.

Elimination of contact between refugees and smugglers by eliminationg the need for their service.Taking advantage of available devices and technologies within the refugees' hands and try to create an application that facilitates the crossing using GPS.

The Answer was inventing the instant ice powder, a chemical that turns into ice as it touches the water. This powder, freezing seawater around the user, will be a temporary crossing platform for refugees to cross on. Moreover, the chemical and physical properties of this freeze will allow a certain "welding" behaviour when in touches the other platform, just like ice cubes kept out.


After experimenting with the powder, we demonstrated the steps of this process through the following schematic.

Proposed scenario:

-Putting the life jacket on

-Jump into the water

-Ice powder releasing embedded in the jacket

-Chemical reaction transforming powder into


-Floating ice platform is ready, the person unfastens his life jacket and gets on top of the ice

-The person is now on top of the “ICE boat” and starts using his smartphone for the “GPS Safe trip” application

-The person will use the application to track and find relevant aggregation point according to climate conditions and distance.This point is always changing

-The application will include wind indications helping the traveler to move his ice boat towards the aggregation point

All Ice boats will aggregate in one point

Putting on the Life Jacket

Click to pan in Zoomed view

Ice Behaviour Simulation

Developed in processing, in the following sequence we simulate the behaviour of the melting, or being aggregated around in the area of the crossing

Wind Current Data

Full Scenario Simulation

Developed in processing as well, the yellow dot represent the safe arrival points, whereas the red represent the "enemy" as in where the sea water level is high or the winds are strong.


The Smaller white dots traced the refugees crossing, it's critical how they start scattered and start to group up as they reach deeper sea.

different Ice Boats start aggregating with the support of a GPS app, forming clusters which enable bigger surfaces to walk across

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