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Phriends*for Shells

Project Team:


Michel Azzi

Firas Safieddine

Mohamad Atab

Dirk van Wasenaer

Chenthur Raaghav






Stephanie Chaltiel

Djordje Stanojevic


IaaC Blog




This project explores mud as a building material using robotic fabrication. A mud mixer, with fibers, was the basic material used in different densities throughout the fabrication process. The Shell structure is a free-standing structure designed for structural stability and optimized using CFD analysis, hence the surfaces, openings and jute pieces were distributed according to the structural analysis. 



3d modeling and structural analysis

Model skeleton using thin bamboo

Wrap the skeleton with stretch fabric

Mark the fabric grid lines

3d scan the structure

Apply first low-density mud spray [ mud and fiber mix ]

Apply Mud Layer [ using robotic arm ]

Apply Jute fabric

More Mud

Wait until it dries

Remove supporting structure [ skeleton and fabric ]

Spray cactus protection solution [ using robotic arm ]


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