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Lebanese Sculptures Museum

Conceptual Diagram​

As the city looks a bit dark, the what is open to the city is the new horizon, it is the art that is going to heal the city. This is shown in white. This museum is set to house a selected permanent collection of Lebanese sculptors ' work. Located next to Nahr Beirut, this museum was thought to be designed according to the best way to experience the sculptures and help educate the public.


The program was divided into two, one volume hosts the sculptures, a temporary exhibition area and a kids area - future artists; and the other volume includes the administration and service area in addition to the repair, stock, and a roof resto-cafe.


The volume holding the art is a glass box, which gives a sense of transparency to what is a natural and effective part of the city, the complex geometries surrounding the sculptures inside make the enclosures allowing a controlled light atmosphere and studies promenade that holds a narrative. The kids' area, which is referred to as Artists of the future, is located floating in between the temporary exhibition area - below ground level- and the floating boxes hosting the temporary exhibition. The volume including the administration offices and the services is a full introverted building with an internal courtyard and a back car/truck entrance, with a strip opening on the top just around the eye-level of people enjoying the restaurant.


As these two volumes seem to be connected by a public square, two underground passages connect them so people can continue the route in the interior.

Light Studies

Programme Distribution

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