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AQUAAEROBIKA by Sasha Frolova, Performance Art section in Al-Tiba9 Barcelona 2017. Dancers Firas Saf

Al-Tiba9 Barcelona 2017 - 5th Edition International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

Aquaaerobika is a project synthesizing art-performance and electronic music. Electro-pop, 8bit, disco-house music and futuristic inflatable costumes from latex are mixed in a vivid spectacular pop-art show. Dancers in avant-garde Bauhas-style costumes with huge inflatable decorations and objects look rather like a live sculptures and turn the whole show in one moving sculpture. Aquaaerobika's author is Moscow based artist - Sasha Frolova. She presents herself in the show as a virtual singer, animated style character of universal superwoman from the future with ultra-abilities. The plot of the show is an endless travel through parallel worlds of future.

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