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Wall-e's Apartment 

In a previously designed residential building in Rmeil, Beirut, the objective was to design Wall-e's apartment. The unit is not only a place for Wall-e to live but rather a lot more; it is a small museum for the amazing art Wall-e does, a deposit and recycling plant for Wall-e and most importantly, a place for young students to visit to learn more about using garbage as a resource, recycling, and production.


As the units were of a 6 meters high ceiling, the program was distributed so that elements occupy the whole space. Spaces used exclusively by Wall-e have different proportions, whereas spaces used by people - visitors - have a completely different scale. The project as well involved machinic systems that on the one hand help Wall-e get what he collects up to the flat and recycle it, and make it more engaging to the users as they can take part in controlling a robotic arm as a game when they visit.



First Level Plan

Second Level Plan

Third Level Plan

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