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Project Team :


Andre Resende

Firas Safieddine




Alex Dubor

Martin Seymour


Material: Wood

Technique: Laminating

Percentage: 50%

Translucent material: Textile

Percentage: 50%

Aimed at expanding the wikihouse options of a component to iterate along the facade, we worked on a heterogeneous element, given the wooden frame.


The project's main idea was to work with the least possible number of components that could replicate and be easily produced and changed to take account of the need for lighting and ventilation. This concept is important because the WikiHouse can figure in various climates and environments.

Starting from the lamination technique, we deform the wooden panels that due to its position on the facade we could get a better use of light through the translucency property of the tissue that once tensioned guarantees, in turn, greater stability to the laminate panel.



For the major component of wood, we laminated in four layers ensuring the double curvature of the element, and the space between the second and third layer place of the fabric. This tissue beyond the bonded layers was stitched with nylon clamps across the timber component curve.

The other end of the tissue closure received the same technique but this time was holding another wooden panel. Once the fabric has three functions in the project: translucency structure (the tension on the laminate) and as a gasket between the components.

Finally, put the components in the frame using only small grooves made in each of the frames and fit perfectly to the component side.


Wiki-House in Valldaura
Assembly Details
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